Threats & Promises

Vision Video’s Haunted Hours, And More Music News and Gossip

Vision Video. Credit: Scarlet Lewis.

BOOM, BOOM, OUT GO THE LIGHTS: There’s a new live cassette out from rockers Shehehe. The audio was recorded by Sloan Simpson during the group’s return to live shows in the summer of 2021, and video was shot by photographer Mike White (Deadly Designs). The band is planning on slowly releasing select video performances, but the live tape—recorded at Nowhere Bar—is available now. Beyond that, you know as much as I do. There’s absolutely zero information available regarding the release’s track listing, running length or whether it will ever be available to stream. In this way, Shehehe may well be the most authentically old-school band in Athens, because this all harkens back to the time when buying records depended so much on a wing and a prayer. That said, Shehehe typically answers rock-and-roll prayers pretty satisfactorily. Find this at, and stream previous releases at Videos are to be released at, so keep your eyes there for the next few weeks as well. 

SING THIS CORROSION TO ME: Unless you got here super early, by the time you read this the new album by Vision Video will be out. Its title is Haunted Hours, and the group has steadily released singles from the album since June. It runs a taut 10 tracks long, and if you missed the band playing during Porchfest, you can catch them during an album listening party and Goth Night dance party at Ciné on Friday, Oct. 7 at 9:30 p.m. They’ll then head out on a five-week tour that doesn’t wrap up until mid-November. Further, while leader Dusty Gannon has created a chummy, family-friendly character online that goes by “Goth Dad”—and, to be entirely fair, he’s earned the right to be whatever character he wants—sometimes this smiley exterior masks the heaviness of the group’s music. Perhaps incongruously, the band has gotten heavier and darker over the years while still maintaining a tell-tale goth-pop sensibility. Highlights here include previously released singles “Beautiful Way To Die,” “Cruel Commodity” and “Death In A Hallway.” Fresh highlights include “Promises” and the gorgeous, uplifting “Haunted Hours.” The only thing here that’s unnecessary is Vision Video’s cover of Joy Division’s 1979 single “Transmission.” It’s not a bad version at all; it just doesn’t really add anything. Other than that, this record is great to hear, and I’m glad I did. Find this at 

JUST FLOSSIN’: Supremely catchy pop punk/second-wave emo band Needle Teeth has a new single out named “Ellie.” It trots along in a nicely predictable fashion before really shining out with the drums toward the end. According to the group’s Bandcamp page, this is their second single and third release overall since 2019. The group released the EP Expiration Date in March of that year. Stylistically, not much has changed over this time, but production values have gone up exponentially. The new single was recorded by Ian Hemerlein (Kwazymoto, Saint Syzygy) at The Glow Recording Studio. Tune into Needle Teeth at

STICKER SHOCK: Right beside popular Baxter Street restaurant home.made is a space named Sidecar that is also run by proprietor and chef Mimi Maumus. It sells small plates and limited edition hamburgers Wednesday through Saturday from 5–9 p.m. Maumus came up with the idea, though, of hosting an event series named Sidecar Sessions, and the first one happens Thursday, Oct. 13 from 6–9 p.m. Tickets are $100, and these “include an intimate cocktail reception with the opportunity to meet and mingle with the artist; one artist-inspired signature drink and dish; and a private, 75-minute acoustic set from Womz.” If you didn’t know already, Womz is Daniel Womack of Futurebirds. In a press release, Maumus mentioned she is looking forward to events like these being a regular occurrence. For tickets, please see