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The Hibbs Family Band’s Two Mules, And More Music News and Gossip

Hibbs Family Band

ATTACK DECAY SUSTAIN RELEASE: Another new release from Ixian came down the pike this month. It’s self-titled and described by project founder and director Daniel Shroyer as “30 minutes of off-putting black metal and noise.” That’s honestly just like opening a jar of honey for a very particular breed of music fly. So, let’s hope they find this. I don’t find this off-putting at all and, indeed, have found the seven tracks here to be largely meditative, especially “Go With God With Sword In Hand.” Cassette tapes of this release are available from Vancouver, Canada label Bent Window Records, which you can contact at If you just want to keep things local and digital, then head to

YOU LISTENING NOW?: Mere months after the release of his album Leprechaun In The Hood, Athens rapper Tyl3r Davis just released an entirely new album named Cali For Lunch 3. Now, before we go any further, let’s say right here that Davis has cojones the size of church bells for the beat behind “Still T3,” which is the exact same beat created and produced by Dr. Dre for his 1999 hit “Still D.R.E.” This is akin to someone sampling an entire Springsteen track for a song named “I, Too, Was Born In The U.S.A.” All told, I enjoyed this release more than Leprechaun, mainly because it’s more laid back and hook oriented. Davis’ flow accommodates each beat sufficiently, and there are a few tracks here that deserve to come out as singles, namely, “Range Brothers,” “Big Energy” and opening track “Fist Class.” This is a Soundcloud-only release, so please find this at 

HELLO AGAIN: The years-long project Rag Bags works slowly, but every time they come up for air they deliver something worth hearing. Known for running a rough and short gamut of indie-rock styles, on the group’s new two-song release, “Magnificent b/w  Collide,” the band opens up in a whole new way. “Magnificent” blends elements of college rock stalwarts like, say, Mission of Burma and infuses them with early-early ‘70s British pub rocker sensibility. It’s subtle, but I hear it. “Collide” is a gently rocking jangle-pop type of song that is slower than it should be, but is still quite nice. That’s about all there is to say about this one, so please find your way to and enjoy.

IT’S STILL LOVE: It’s no secret that I’ve not been shy at all about my enthusiasm for the barely existing Love My Truck over the past several years. Occasionally they’re subject to bursts of activity but, for the most part, lay very low. Well, they perked up, at least a little, earlier this month with the new three-song, all-instrumental release VII. Love My Truck has always operated loosely within a framework of atmospheric Americana. This new release turns up the electronics, though, and while it doesn’t open up a new world, it perhaps opens a new window. Opening track “Technosteel” lands right at the intersection of Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn” and Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game.” Subsequent tracks, “Favorite Song” and “Tourist Dept.,” combine Tycho and Gary Numan influences into a sweet blend of ambitious jamming. Find this at 

LET’S HAVE A BALL: It’s been a long time since we heard anything from experimental creative Michael Pierce’s project Wet Garden. It’s been over two years since any live shows from Wet Garden have happened, too. The wait ends Saturday, Aug. 27 when Wet Garden again goes live at The Globe. This is a pretty stacked bill that includes Cult Of Riggonia, Naan Violence, SmokeFrawg, Space Brother and DJ Other Voices Other Rooms. It’s as if someone transported a Wednesday night at Go Bar and put it into a Saturday night at The Globe. For the unfamiliar, suffice it to say that if you enjoy experimental tunes that most definitely have at least one foot in a pop tradition, you should enjoy this entire bill. Get familiar with Wet Garden over at and 

SAVE ROOM FOR PIE: The Hibbs Family Band—which performs Americana, bluegrass and occasional bits of old time, but all with a nicely modern attitude—will release its sophomore album, Two Mules, on Aug. 28. In keeping with the band’s vibe of keeping pretty much everything family-focused, the release date coincides with the members’ great Aunt Clara’s 103rd birthday. The band, composed of brothers Rob and Garrett and parents Henry and Judy, also collaborated with drummer Ryan Moore, guitarist and pedal steel player Tyler Key, and harmonica player Austin Darnell (AKA AC Darnell). The album was recorded and mixed by Damon Moon at Standard Electric Recorders in Scottdale and mastered by Joel Hatstat. On release day, you can find this over at The band will celebrate the release of Two Mules at Hendershot’s on Saturday, Sept. 17 at 8 p.m. with AC Darnell opening.