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Sail Away With Rachel Evans, and More Music News and Gossip

HEAVY LIFTING: Pretty much hot on the heels of her springtime release, Subterranean, Rachel Evans has a new release under her Motion Sickness of Time Travel moniker. It’s titled Magick Box and runs a relatively long 16 tracks, which range in length from just over two minutes to well over 14. The emotional fortitude necessary to engage it all at once is pretty demanding. But that’s one really special thing about Evans’ brand of experimentation and composition: It’s never emotionally barren or unapproachable, even when it can be severe. That said, this one sneaks up on the listener. The unsettling baby voice samples in “Beltane Baby” give way to an ambient aural chaser. Similarly, the propulsive oscillations that weave the majority of “Brigid’s Doll” eventually melt into a wavering drone. And there are tracks that are so hyped up that nerves are just shredded by their end (“Beneath the Hemlock,” “The Same Mystical Reality”). There are, however, moments of sheer, transcendent beauty, too, such as “Jupiter Sextile, Pluto Transit,” “Clairvoyance” and “Amber Reflecting.” While it’s difficult to predict anyone’s experience with any set of music, I can tell you I totally expected to enjoy this, and I totally did. This is available as a limited-edition double CD (includes download) or as a straight-up, utterly non-limited download. Sail away at

BE A WINNER: The Winterville Arts Council teamed up with Atlanta’s Fox Theatre Institute, and they’re running a fundraising raffle to support the ongoing renovations of the Winterville Auditorium. On Friday, Sept. 13, the Fox Theatre Institute presents a show at the Fox Theatre by Drive-By Truckers, Dodd and the Councilmen (featuring Winterville Mayor Dodd Ferrelle and R.E.M.’s Bill Berry), Drivin’ N Cryin’ and special guests. Raffle tickets are $20 each, and the winner gets a one-night stay at the Georgian Terrace hotel, 250 bucks cash in spending money, two tickets to the show and access for two to the Fox’s swanky Marquee Club, which comes with its own smorgasbord of treats and luxuries.  For more info, see and/or

ANCHORS AWAY: On Sunday, July 7 from 3–4 p.m., the Athens-Clarke County Library will host a performance of the New Horizons Band, which is conducted under the direction of Joyce L. King and administered by the University of Georgia Community Music School. Since its formation in 2010, the New Horizons Band has grown from five to 25 members whose ages range from 50 to over 70. The performance is billed as an event where attendees can “celebrate our country’s freedom with some toe-tapping, flag-waving patriotic music.” The show is sponsored by the Friends of the Athens-Clarke County Library. For more information, see, or give ’em a call at 706-613-3650. 

MAKE IT UP: Jared Collins (k i d s, Jock Gang) has restarted his improvisational Monday nights at Go Bar, which he first began a while back—like six years of a while. Anyway, the spirit of the thing is that anyone can show up and do whatever. Collins told me recently, “Anyone can do anything, like full band, half band, solo, performance art, comedy, magic, whatever.” Importantly, though, the gist of this type of thing is that people are encouraged to experiment. You’re wasting everyone’s time if you show up with something totally and fully hashed out. So, leave something to imagination. These nights will happen all summer long. For more information, drop a line to the fine folks at Go Bar via, or, you know, just drop by some night and ask for Tom. He’ll get you the good word.

TUNE IN: “The Paige Roberts Show” is a long-running, hometown podcast/radio show where host Paige Roberts interviews a variety of guests who are mostly musicians. While the show itself is produced locally, her guests can be from anywhere. Upcoming episodes of the show will feature interviews with Jodi DiMarco (to be recorded Sunday, July 7 at Vega Studio at 3:30 p.m.), the Bob Marshall Band on July 10 and Hunter Flanagan on Aug. 4. If any of you remember the local charm and all-around wholesomeness of, say, “The Billy Dilworth Show,” then I think you’ll enjoy checking this out. For more information, see and