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Goddess Complex Sets the Mood, and More Music News and Gossip

THOM THOM CLUB: Local artist Cloud Powers, who performs and records quite compelling, keyboard-based experimental tunes under the name Goddess Complex, released an album named Thomas Hedger’s Iridescent Fingernails not too long ago. Besides having the perfect in-joke of a title, it’s also possibly the best collection of mood music in, oh, the last couple of months or so. Each of the five tracks is named simply “Track 1,” etc. Generally speaking, the steady beats give everything some rhythmic support, which can be lost during a Goddess Complex live show. The slight electronic howling toward the end of “Track 2” leads perfectly into what initially sounds like backwards vocals at the start of “Track 3.” Chances are good, though, they’re not backward at all, but rather just treated. Either way, by the time you’re this deep into listening, it makes no difference at all. While this definitely doesn’t cover the entire breadth of Powers’ work, it’s a fine document of what she’s doing right this moment, and a pretty good primer for the uninitiated. Check it out at

ANDES DANDIES: Hendershot’s Coffee Bar will host a night of the Atlanta-based Argentina Food, Wine and Culture Festival Wednesday, May 22. Billed as the “ArgFoodFest Live Show,” it’ll feature performances by Athens Tango Project, Argentinean neo-tango group Tanghetto, tango dancers Carla Bianchi and Nicolas Filipeli, and a show of traditional Argentinian folk dances featuring Matias and Nicolas Rivas, plus singer Emilio Morales. Tickets for this event are not inexpensive—they’ll run you a full $35. However, they do include a plate of food featuring special items prepared by chefs Nadia Arce and Richard Oryazún. There will also be additional food available for purchase. This night’s event begins at 7 p.m. and is scheduled to end by 10 p.m. For more information and tickets, see

SAVAGE SUMMER: The new album from Wanderwild came out a handful of weeks ago. The band named it Sleep Tight, Socialite, and it opens with the smooth-as-butter “Platinum,” which, oddly enough, reminds me a little of pre-“True” Spandau Ballet. That said, it also owes more than a passing glance to The Strokes, but so does the rest of the record. Even so, I must’ve listened to this at just the right time, because it’s a totally acceptable guitar-rock record that is really well sequenced and came out just in time for summer-driving-around season. The joyousness of “Gold Star” and the slowly building “Back to Your House” are themselves worth the price of entry. Check it out at, and learn more at

RED WINE TIME: Peter Webb (Hello Ocho, Faun and a Pan Flute) sent word of a new split release between his combo Ima Do and Baltimore musician Joshua Dean. The two-track release features Ima Do playing an honestly killer and unnamed 16-minute track. This thing weaves and bobs and wails and groans a little, too. It’s got just enough recognizable jazz touchstones (Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, a little Coltrane) to slip in the door unnoticed, but after hearing the whole thing, it gets replayed instantly. Lean in at

MIDWEEK MELODIES: Decades-long respected songwriter and longtime Athens resident Caroline Aiken is playing every Wednesday evening in May and June at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education. The shows run from 5:30–7:30 p.m. at the center’s Pecan Tree Courtyard. And if it rains, they happen inside. They are free and open to the public. For more information, and to get familiar with Aiken, if you aren’t already, see

BACK TO SCHOOL: The Searchin’ Destroyers haven’t gotten much traction in this column, mainly due to timing and press deadlines. So, it makes me wipe my brow in relief to be able to tip y’all off to these psych/surf dudes—even though that doesn’t exactly come close to explaining their sound; just go see ’em—because they’re playing the Caledonia Lounge Friday, May 24 with Augusta’s Possum Rot, Athens’ Mandible Rider and Dead Vibes Ensemble. And, if you pregame too hard and miss this, you can always sleep for the next 48 hours and catch The Searchin’ Destroyers Sunday, May 26 at Hi-Lo Lounge, when they’ll play with Donkey Punch. Dig through,, and to get up to speed.