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Love My Truck Is More Than Its Jokey Name, and More Music News

INDEED: I’ve been holding off on writing about Love My Truck because, honestly, there just wasn’t enough material available to form a coherent opinion. Well, that’s all changed with the release of Fuck Yer Howdy, Love My Truck. The duo wraps itself in its jokey name and record title but, in actuality, is highly attuned to the deeply personal twilight that exists after one door closes and just before another opens. To wit, a lyric from “Cakes” is, “If life’s just a wager/ Let’s try to make it the most/ And through all the headaches/ It’s gonna be strange turning into a ghost.” The four songs here are tenderly written and lovingly expressed through pedal steel and guitar. It’s very unlike anything you’d ever infer from the band’s name or album titles, and without attributing too much intent to either, it’s as if there’s a twin commitment to thoughtful expression and self-sabotage. I suppose, in this way, it’s another proper entry into the American songbook. Spend some time alone at

SUMMER’S ALMOST GONE: The entirety of the 2018 Moeke Records Summer Singles collection is now available online, with 10 songs total. This year’s comp features female-fronted bands only, with tracks from Kissing Booth (previously covered in this column), Immaterial Possession, Avery Leigh’s Night Palace, Lydia Sera, Lea Lea, Atria, Harlot Party, Lambda Celsius, Rose Hotel and Shehehe. For my money, standout tracks come from Kissing Booth (“Princess Diana”), Night Palace (the midnight-Saint Etienne cool of “Nightshade”) and Lambda Celsius (“Is This Our Country? I Guess This Is Our Life”). Check it out at

TWO FOR TUESDAY: Singer-songwriter Jeffrey Vernon and his band Death Trap Volvo will celebrate the release of his newest two-song single, “Remedy” b/w “Big Jet Plane,” Tuesday, Sept. 11 on the Georgia Theatre Rooftop. Also on the bill is Convince the Kid. As far as Vernon’s music goes, “Remedy” is a kind of soulful, easygoing thing that—apropos of nearly nothing—reminds me of Simply Red and Crowded House. “Big Jet Plane” takes a deep dive into a little Grateful Dead/Doors guitar noodlin’. This release is reportedly in advance of a full-length album, but because that’s not out just yet, all I can tell you about are these two. I’m not totally sold on this, but there’s something going on here that has solid potential. Listen in at

TURN IT UP: UGA’s premiere co-ed South Asian a capella team, UGA Kalakaar, will hold auditions on Wednesday, Aug. 29 from 5–9 pm at Hugh Hodgson School of Music room 308. No experience is necessary. You can probably be as creative in your audition as you want, because the organizers even note beatboxing as a desired skill if you’ve got it. So, prepare a couple of tunes or passages and give it a try if this is your bag. Check out for more information.

GET YRSELF LEARNED: While not directly music-scene-related, this next bit of news is likely to be of interest. The Morton Theatre is hosting a six-week podcasting course, “Podcasting Your Way,” beginning Tuesday, Sept. 4 and running until Oct. 9. Each weekly class runs 6:30–8:30 p.m., and the cost for Clarke County residents is $60. This class is tailored for beginners who have no audio recording experience and those who may have some experience—or are technically inclined in general—but unaware of the various tools available. Suggested ages for this course are 14 and up. As a part of the arts division of Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services, the Morton Theatre operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For more information on this course and other Morton happenings, see and