Flagpole Premieres: Athens Rising, Excerpt Five: Jesse Mangum

The first full-length documentary in a planned series “that aims to celebrate the creative class in the Classic City,” Athens Rising: The Sicyon Project chronicles Athens’ multifaceted arts and music scenes, with an additional focus on dance, food, comedy, theater, festival culture and more. 

The doc, which screened during this year’s AthFest Music and Arts Festival, is the brainchild of filmmaker James Preston, who is planning a series of late-summer and fall showings, with the next happening Wednesday, Sept. 5 at Live Wire. (Tickets are available at To coincide with the screenings, we’re premiering a few segments from the film.

Today’s clip features studio engineer and Moeke Records head Jesse Mangum, who runs The Glow Recording Studio just outside of Athens.

“Jesse’s spot is so unassuming from the outside, but the moment the door closes behind you, you feel like you’re in another world,” says Preston. “And in speaking with Jesse, I found out why—this is a guy with such intention and passion that he seems to wield with a laser focus towards whatever it is that he’s working on. There are people that talk all day about building a sweet studio once they have the money, and then there’s Jesse, who just starts building that dream with his bare hands every day, $20 in tips at a time.”

Check out the video below: