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New Tunes From Tyler Key and More Music News

CHECK IT OUTFalco Brown frontman Tyler Key released two new collections of his acoustic-guitar-based songs over the past several months. The first is a 10-track project that went through a few permutations before being committed to tape as Long Run the Fugitives, and the second is the six-song Fever Dream Recorder, which came out last month. Of the two, the latter is the better one. Key’s voice is much more natural on this set of slower, more introspective songs than on the former, where the songs seem sincere but somewhat forced into shape. This isn’t a casual criticism, either. His voice is quite pleasing and well suited for this style of music, so it should follow that, because this style relies so much on authenticity, he would likely shine on the songs that are most authentic. On a wholly positive note, the jump between the two is evidence of his growth as an artist and songwriter, and it’ll be nice to see him continue on this path. Key plays locally at Flicker Theatre & Bar on Friday, Nov. 24 with Georgia Dish Boys and Alaska band The Dirty Hands. Check out his tunes at

COUNTRY TONIGHT: One of the last tangible musical bloodlines running between the Athens scene of yore and today is the God-blessed and bona fide Normaltown Flyers. The group, now in its 39th year, will play its annual pre-Thanksgiving “holiday season kickoff” show Wednesday, Nov. 22 at The Foundry. Doors open at 6 p.m., the show starts at 8 p.m., and advance tickets are $10. For more information, see

SET THEORY: Experimental music label Null Zone will host its final Hendershot’s Experimental Night of the year Sunday, Nov. 26 from 7–10 p.m. Featured artists this round are Small Science, Goddess Complex, Jake Merrick and Monique Osorio with Peter Webb (Faun and a Pan Flute). While this is the final night of the year to be billed as such, Null Zone has a couple of more things up its sleeve for next week, and I’ll let y’all know about that stuff then. For now, stream along with these artists, as each is worth your time and attention. Jump in at, and

RIP: The sad news came in earlier this month that Ash Rickli, an Athens musician known for playing in the experimental rock band Strictly Rickli, among other projects, died several days after suffering a cardiac emergency. Rickli, who was 30, leaves behind a partner, Desiree Sharpe. A Gofundme page has been set up to assist Sharpe—who is pregnant with twins—and Rickli’s family, with over $32,000 raised as of press time. Read more on Homedrone. [Gabe Vodicka]