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First Tuesdays Feature Hip Hop Talent

GOIN’ UP ON A TUESDAY: Longtime Athens hip hop promoters Montu Miller, Kaliko and Chief Rocka are hosting a series of shows at The World Famous named First Tuesdays. These monthly events happen on, you guessed it, the first Tuesday of each month and come courtesy of the trio’s organization ATHfactor Entertainment. The next one up occurs Oct. 4 and will feature performances from headliner Solo 10k, opening act Ziggy RoxXx and poet Shedrick Barnett (aka S.H.E.D.). Conceived as community mixers and get-togethers as much as showcases of talent, First Tuesdays will also feature Chief Rocka acting as record selector, while Kaliko and Miller serve as on-the-floor hosts. You can find lots of tracks from Ziggy RoxXx over at

PAIR O’ DICE CITY: Underground venue Joker Joker Gallery has been steadily hosting shows for the past several months. This week, an explosion of live tracks recorded at the space hit the web. As of this writing, there are 67 pieces available for listening at Some are experimental improvisations credited to Joker Joker Gallery itself, and others are live recordings by Harry Carey, Forsaken Profit$, Rotten Stitches, Stay the Sea, Tyler Key, Smokedog, Rabies Scythe Fight, Donny Knottsville, Flight Mode USA and many more. Take some time and dig in.

SECTION 8: Athens rapper Project Paul (aka Soggy P, Dusted Timberlake, Digital WiFi and Murk Jacobs) just released a new seven-song album named Swamp House. It took a few listens to totally sink in for me, but Paul’s got a solid, somewhat laid-back vocal flow that’s alternately dopey-’n’-downtrodden and spookily scary, like he’s sneaking up behind you while telling jokes the whole time. Thankfully, the beats on this aren’t more of the same super-thin trap tropes so many regional rappers are intent on dry-milking. Instead, Paul has a fine stable of melodically musical tunes credited to Poloboyshawty, Chris Wheeler, Fro Gawd, J. Knight and HustleThaGod. You can find this, as well as a bunch of other tracks plus a previous EP titled i got a taste of the realness and now i can’t go back.exe, at This latest record is also available at, and you can try to keep up with him at

EAT TO THE BEAT: The unstoppable creative mind of Athens artist Daniel Tanghal has reared back and charged forth once again. This time, it’s in the form of a project called Debbie Dahmer. Three tracks were released a couple of weeks ago, and they all troll the trough of Germs/Sonic Youth-inspired trash-rock, falling just outside the boundaries of straight-up pigfuck-rock as characterized by Pussy Galore, et al. Although the music features pretty standard rock instrumentation (guitars, bass, drums), it’s all buried so low in the mix that, at times, it might as well be garage-rock melodies on top of radio static. All of which is to say, it’s five minutes of listening time you’ll never get back, but who cares? You already spent two minutes reading about it, so it’s not like you don’t have it to spare. Go grab a listen at, and dig whatever info you can find from

TELL YA WHATCHA DO: The AthHalf half marathon is coming up Oct. 9, and you still have time to register for this popular outdoor activity, but it’s gonna cost ya $90 because it’s so close to race time. This event is a major fundraiser for AthFest Educates, and funds raised go toward scholarships, music and art grants for local schools and more. Since its inception seven years ago, the event has hosted live music at several points on its course, and this year is no different. Featured acts for 2016 are Dodd Ferrelle, Elite Ellison, Connor Byers, Despicable Liars, Zenith Blue, The Flamethrowers and Reverend Conner Tribble and the Deacons. See for registration details.