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Noun Factory Comes to Life; Cohosh Throws BBQ Bash

Here we are in mid-August, and that means it’s back-to-school time, even though by any reasonable standard it’s still hella summer out there. That said, I want to personally welcome all the new folks that just moved to town. I assume most of you came here to go to school at UGA, and I further assume most will leave at some point. But if history is any indication, there’s a decent amount of you that will sink your teeth deep into our town’s arts and music scene and stay for many years to come. While I definitely have a soft spot for the stick-around group, this scene is wide open for anyone who wants to participate as a creator, observer, fan, friend or something similarly positive. This is a special place. Go out, get involved and learn why so many of us love to call it home. 

With that, let’s get on to this week’s Athens music news…

Alley Oop: Generally speaking, it’s true that clothes make the man. Well, apparently something has happened this year to make local DJ and musician Nate Mitchell feel exactly the opposite. An Independence Day venture in nude record-spinning at nudist resort Bell Acres inspired Mitchell to book another gig. This time, he’ll be joined by DJ Mahogany, and the party happens Saturday, Aug. 16 from 4–11 p.m. If you’re interested in attending, there are a few things you should know. First, Bell Acres is a place for nude recreation; it is not clothing-optional. (I don’t think you have to dance, though.) Second, the owners have agreed to waive the entrance fee for all newcomers. Also, it is a family-oriented space; if guests are drinking alcohol, its consumption must be moderate, and all behavior must be family-appropriate. You’re also required to sit on a towel. In other news, Bell Acres is conveniently located four miles from the Tanger Outlets center in Commerce, so when you’re done sweating to—and with—the oldies, you can go pick up some socks and stuff. It’s located at 158 Bell Acres Road in Maysville, and more info can be found at the totally safe-for-work

Persons, Places and Things: After months of organization, the dream that is Noun Factory is alive and well. The space, spearheaded by arts coordinator Kimberly Drew and Birdhouse Collection stalwart Jared Collins (both of k i d s), is meant to be a community arts space that incorporates live music, artist studios, exhibitions, happenings and more in the large former daycare located at 145 Ruth Drive. Since hosting its first open house last month, the space has seen loads of work and activity, not the least of which is a series of live recordings being undertaken by engineer Sloan Simpson, of Southern Shelter. The recordings will be compiled on cassette tape and released Friday, Aug. 29 at the 40 Watt Club during a show featuring Hot Fudge, Tongues, Monsoon, Bronze Brain and Werewolves. Interested in helping or participating? Visit and drop them a line. 

Welcome Back, Yo: Athens label Cohosh Records is throwing its first-ever BBQ Back To School Bash. True to its name, there will be free food with vegetarian options, but I have no idea exactly what kind of food is planned. Let’s assume the veggie option is tofu dogs. That seems easy enough. Anyway, it all happens Saturday, Aug. 16 at the Caledonia Lounge, and the lineup of bands is pretty damn sweet. It includes The Powder Room, Nurture, the seriously not-to-be-missed ’90s-house-show vibe of Waitress, Of the Vine, Futo, Scooterbabe, Hymnal Moths and Under A Sky So Blue. Doors open early at 6 p.m., so remember that. Get more info via

Get Paid: Are you a “local educator or youth development specialist with music and arts education”? If so, AthFest Educates has a grant application for you! The deadline for the nonprofit organization’s fall grants has been extended to Aug. 22, and those receiving awards will find out Sept. 5, with checks being disbursed Sept. 12. A few things to consider: Please have a realistic budget in mind when you apply, and keep in mind that AthFest Educates has a total disbursement budget of $25,000 per grant cycle. Certain applications are prioritized over others, and the organization’s priorities are clearly listed on its website, AthFest Educates is the organization that brings us the annual AthFest music and arts festival and the AthHalf half marathon, in addition to lending year-round support to music education in our local public schools.