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Hand Sand Hands Releases Lord of Talk

Stream Away: HHBTM Records has steadily been adding more archival material to its Bandcamp site. One of the latest things to hit the web is the 12-inch Form A Line single by Tunabunny. Originally released for Record Store Day 2012, the record features four versions of the title track, including the original single version, a “line dance version,” a dub version and a remix with Vanessa Briscoe-Hay (Pylon, Supercluster) doing the lead vocal. It’s this last version that’s probably my favorite, but I’ve gotta admit I’ve been listening to all of them back to back just like they were rare New Order remixes or some such thing. It’s best to probably listen to the original version first, with its gritty rhythm, hyper-melodic vocals and the oddly uplifting repeating guitar run that ends each measure on a high note. In addition to this release, HHBTM is packing the Bandcamp page with releases dating back to 1999, many of which are utterly out of print. It seems like the label might start posting its new releases, too, as a new 7-inch single by Oakland, CA’s Bam!Bam! just got added to the site. Go poke around and find some new favorites at

Well, Happy Birthday, Y’all: Athens’ premier musicians’ resource center, Nuçi’s Space, will celebrate its 13th anniversary Friday, Oct. 4 from 5:30–9:30 p.m. with performances from songwriters Dave Marr and Matt Hudgins. This is an open house celebration and will also feature a silent auction, refreshments and a photo booth courtesy of Ali Phillips Photography. It’s a free event, but if you’ve got a few bucks to throw toward the cause, they’d be honored to accept your donation. For general information on Nuçi’s Space, please see, and for regular updates on its ongoing activities, head to

Perfect Sound Forever: When this band’s first reunion happened several years ago, it was like Halley’s Comet: I never thought I’d see it again in my lifetime. Then when it happened again in 2010, I was beside-myself thrilled. Now I just feel like, even though it’s not the ground-shattering news it once was, I’d be utterly remiss in my duties if I didn’t mention that the mighty, mighty Mercyland will once again hit an Athens stage. The show happens at the 40 Watt Club Saturday, Oct. 5 and will also feature decades-long Athens stalwarts Bloodkin. Weirdly, the show has been billed on Facebook as “Mercyland’s first proper show in over 22 years.” I dunno. The others felt pretty proper to me, but I admit full-stop to being an utterly fawning Mercyland fan. All it takes is one listen to the band’s 1989 album No Feet On the Cowling—streamable via—to understand why.


Hand Sand Hands

Get Gritty: Experimental project Hand Sand Hands, the product of the mind of Jonathan Miller, is releasing its newest album, Lord of Talk, Thursday, Oct. 3 at local house-party destination The Fortress. An enormously cool bit of news related to this is that Miller recently recorded a song specifically for a choreographed dance that will be performed at Minneapolis, MN’s Walker Art Museum on Nov. 30. The dance, created by professional choreographers Kaleena Miller and Galen Higgins, is tentatively titled “Yes Yes No No,” and the Hand Sand Hands track is titled “Pontiac.” The noisy, practically anxiety-inducing piece can be heard at, and the new full-length album, dated for official release Oct. 12 but available now, can be streamed at

Super Sweet 16: Athens old-timers who hit their stride circa the 1990s will be edified to know that their enthusiasm hasn’t gone unappreciated in central Europe. The cheeky rockers in Je Suis France, which is (amazingly) still a relatively cohesive unit, albeit in an on-again/off-again manner, will have their newest album, Coleslaw III Drymouth, released by Polish label Diskette Records LTD. The album comes out exclusively on cassette tape Oct. 25, which is also the 16th anniversary of the first time the band played live. Additionally, the zoo-crew dudes have a new EP planned for release on Veteran’s Day titled Darkstard, which member DJ Hammond reports is “our interpretation of the [Grateful] Dead’s ‘Dark Star,’ except it’s all about Darkness‘ (aka France member Ryan Martin) Mustard Conglomerate.” I considered briefly asking him to elaborate, but then realized that I probably couldn’t handle any more. I’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available with regard to a planned release show for Coleslaw III Drymouth, which looks like it might happen sometime in November.