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El Hollin Drops New Album; Kurt Wood’s Record Sale

What’s In A Name?: The long-awaited new album by El Hollín will drop online this week in a not-yet-final version. Here’s why: after the record’s completion, Elephant 6 troubadour Nesey Gallons offered to master the album properly, but the band, having already promised a release date of Apr. 30, decided to go ahead and give fans the raw goods. (The band hopes to have the final version uploaded by the end of May.) As of press time, bandmembers were “not releasing the title of the album yet,” which either means they haven’t decided on a title, or they think this bit of intrigue is enough to get you to hold your breath. El Hollín’s bedroom pop has always been some of the most consistently satisfying music associated with the Athens Horse Party label. Check out the rest of the group’s catalog at, and look for copies of the new album at Wuxtry Records and Lo Yo Yo Stuff.

Stop The Clock: OK, so this is a few weeks off, but the upcoming reunion show by The Normaltown Flyers at the Melting Point on Saturday, May 25 will assuredly sell out, so pay attention. Tickets are $12 in advance, with reserved tables for two and four going for $60 and $120, respectively. The three sets of music will include an acoustic one from original members Brian Burke, Greg Veale and Mike Cronic and another from the Mercury Records-era lineup of Burke, Veale, David Blackmon and Cal Hale. Finally, the current lineup of Burke, Tom Ryan, Davis Causey and Deane Quinter will play more recent songs and loads of rock covers. The band, which hit its 30th anniversary back in 2009, is billing this show as its “33 and one-third year reunion.” If any Athens transplants have ever wondered what a beer-drinking night at the dearly departed Allen’s Hamburgers actually sounded like, this is as close as you’re ever going to get. For tickets, see

Twenty Dollars In My Pocket: It’s that time again where you collect all your folding money, head over to Kurt Wood‘s house and blow it all. Yes, kids, it’s time for Wood’s Front Porch Record Sale. Known around the country by record dealers, rock fans and everyone else as one of the most ardent and authoritative record collectors on the scene, Wood sells off a whole bunch of his stuff a few times each year. Literally tens of thousands of LPs and 7-inch singles are available, and Wood reports that over half of this is new. Don’t be frightened by the word “collector,” either, as Wood has tons of $1-$2 records mixed in with the appropriately higher priced stuff. The sale runs this Saturday, May 4 (9 a.m.-6 p.m.) and Sunday, May 5 (noon-6 p.m.) at 1080 Oconee Street. For more information, call 706-546-9602.

Where It All Happens: Although the call came in too late to mention this bit of news in this week’s feature on the Birdhouse Collection, I couldn’t let this week pass without giving you a heads-up on a brand-new, super-long album by Pretty Bird. Titled House, it’s easily the most far-out thing the group has ever done. I mean that literally, in that it’s far out there, somewhere. A mixture of buried vocals, staccato rhythms, odd bursts of melody and other detritus provides a headphone explosion—what I imagine the work songs of marching insects underneath every wet board in the South must sound like. Spend a week with this record and thank me later. Dig via

Heads Up: The multi-DJ night at the 40 Watt Club on Saturday, May 4 is free, but advance tickets are being distributed via TicketFly, so you might want to hop online and grab one if you plan on going. The Study Break show, billed as such in tribute to all you students hitting the books so diligently this week, features Immuzikation, DJ Z-Dog, Steve Twerkle, Twin Powers and more. I’ll bet a sawbuck right now that Twin Powers will spin tracks from the new Daft Punk LP that night—and likely for the next decade, too—so prepare for summer in the correct manner and be there. For more info and the ticket link, see

This-N-That: The Powder Room went into the studio for a few days with Kyle Spence (Harvey Milk) last week and plans to do more tracking with Joel Hatstat at Joel Hatstat Audio. The band seems to be getting busier all the time, and although there are no solid plans for a release yet, the warning signs are all there. Keep checking for updates… Titans Of Filth released a new EP this week. Titled Winners And Losers, the album can be streamed at Although the band has encompassed a veritable cast of thousands over the years, the telltale vocals and lyrics of good ol’ Sam Grindstaff should be pleasantly up front… A Threats & Promises “hats off” goes out to Jack Logan and Scott Baxendale for their collaborative album Bones in the Desert. The limited edition LP is available at all local record stores, and more info on the oddly uplifting yet deeply moody album can be found at… YouTube uploader Neo Bands Of Athens advised us of its new URL, Head there for clips of Monsoon, Tunabunny and other stuff.

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