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Elite Tha Showstoppa: Everyday Of The Year Review

(Independent) Local trailblazer Elite Tha Showstoppa released a Christmas EP this season, using the five tracks to showcase his versatility as a hip-hop, soul and R&B artist. The “Christmas” theme itself is known for spanning emotions from jolly to melancholy, and Elite traverses it all in a short amount of time. Title track “Everyday Of The Year” opens with an upbeat, energetic tune carried by a keyboard with Elite rapping about wintertime scenes and singing a chorus about spreading love. There’s an immediate transition to a slower, darker theme, yet still carried by the keyboard, in “Be Kind” that matches the message of slowing down. Then “Someday At Christmas” is the most hip-hop heavy track carrying a playful tune with a head nod flow. Because you can’t have a Christmas tape without a song touching on wintertime romance, “Under My Mistletoe” fills that order with a lovely and smooth horn-driven outro. The EP closes with a soulful hymn featuring Andreana Williams that’s uplifting and peaceful. Before digitally uploading the EP, Elite started with an “old fashioned” CD release inspired by his mother, so physical copies are available for your classic Christmas needs.