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BlackNerdNinja: Chills & Thrills Review

(Indieboxkart Media) At the close, or perhaps the height, of spooky season, BlackNerdNinja released the nine-track hip-hop album Chills & Thrills on all platforms. “Fright Night” opens the album with a driving beat heavy on the keys and thick vocal distortion weaving together imagery of cinematic and real horror. Beat selection is key in hip hop, and it certainly stands out here. Classic head-nod vibes carry through the tracks, with sinister and gritty details that bring out the “chills” mentioned in the title. It comes as no surprise, given the album’s theme and the artist’s known love of the horror genre, that the music video for the closing track, “The Shape,” is done in the style of a slasher film. Shot by Brasher Media, it comes complete with an enraged serial killer, played by Niño Brown, who features on the album, although not on this track. BYV_Trubb, ¢lark ¢ounty, YSK_Glocc and MARS also round out the album with mixed energy. “The Fall” delivers the slowest tempo highlighted and punctuated by the only feminine voice, while “Saved” hits you hard, makes you wrinkle your nose, then leaves just as fast as it comes in.