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Bubbly Mommy Gun: Sand Roses

Bubbly Mommy Gun’s new record needs little help holding your attention, psychotropic or otherwise. Still, one way to enhance its overall grooviness is to check out the lyrics up on Bandcamp. They’re about as surreal as you’d expect from what’s going on in the music (example: “we’re just two gone clarinets on a horse-drawn chandelier”), but like all the slinky guitar lines and Ritalin synths, they have their own logic.

Once you get to “Whatever N Ever,” and around the time you’re puzzling out what “aleatorical” means, you’re hit with a refrain that reads like a non-sequitur—“Whatever’s cool is cool cause you/ Whatever and forever”—but comes off beautifully in the song. The band tends to tucks the best bits in at the end, each song a mini-Abbey Road.

The album as a whole is strong, if short (six tracks, 20 minutes). Since 2011’s Ain’t Got No Favorite Color, the band has seemed to be moving away from keyboards a little bit. The guitars are more prominent, and the occasional horn makes an appearance. But to echo “Coyote Fainting,” everybody gets “a slice of the nice.”