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Rainbow Ghost: Tell Us How You Really Feel

On his debut four-song EP, Tell Us How You Really Feel, Daniel Clark (under the guise of Rainbow Ghost) produces saccharine indie-pop that lyrically embraces its own emotions in ways not frequently seen among current bedroom artists. Foregoing studio layers and affected vocals, Clark makes peppy synth-pop with deeply contrasting, downtrodden lyrics.

Opener “What Went Wrong†finds Clark breathily lamenting that “All of my friends are getting married/ and finishing degrees/ I’m still here flipping burgers/ and adding extra cheese,†before more potently responding “What to do with myself?†The contrast presents a positive transition in the song, but throughout the record it is clear that Clark leans too heavily on his slightly fanciful softer singing.

The rest of the EP follows similar suit, with major-key synth melodies forming a foundation for reflective lyrics. The songs are suitable for fans of acts like The Magnetic Fields and Say Hi to Your Mom, but with song titles like “Falling Apart†and “Brittle,†save this one for a rainy day.