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Once again an Athens-based band, pacificUV, has returned with another fuzz-filled artifact: a breakup album. WEEKENDS unfurls a succession of lonely nights and days, with the bass notes and drumbeats logging the passing of the time more often than they punctuate it. The album does not feel like an empty or unfertile expanse, however. The twinkling “Just4kix” sounds like a Sparklehorse song, and its casually tossed off bait recalls The Magnetic Fields—it catches an ear, even when it does not attract the singer’s love interest: “When I said I was in love, you didn’t ask with who or what. Just for kicks, let’s make it clear—it was you I was in love with, dear.” Cut Copy electro pulses through “Funny Girl,” and “Be My Only Shallow Love” is a bubbly Jesus and Mary Chain tribute, despite the My Bloody Valentine nod in its title.

These welcome, structured pop songs sit strangely next to pacificUV’s traditionally spacey post-rock and droning codas, and WEEKENDS makes for an uneven and sometimes precious listen. “Unplug Me” builds in the voices of an angelic choir, promising transcendence, but the sound plummets several octaves in the album’s terrifying final seconds. WEEKENDS tries and fails to off itself, and the endings continue without end.

In pacificUV’s best slow-burn moments, the band explores gradations of languor, loneliness and boredom to consider the possibilities both within them and beyond them. The group does not always stretch its limbs before feeling the morning rush of regret and longing here, but when they do, WEEKENDS shines.

pacificUV is playing at Go Bar on Jan. 28.