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A List of Athens Musicians and Labels Donating to Racial Justice Organizations on Bandcamp Friday

Selections from Orange Twin Records.

Following the outbreak of the pandemic, Bandcamp began waiving its share of sales on the first Friday every month as an initiative to help offset the financial blow many musicians experienced due to widespread restrictions on venues and traveling. So far, listeners spent $4.3 million at the launch (15 times the total of an average Friday), and an additional $7.1 million during the subsequent event. 

On Friday, June 5 until midnight, 100% of sales will go directly to the artists. Many of our community’s musicians, listed below, have decided to instead redirect this boost of revenue into organizations associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. Know of another band, or want to make the decision right now to participate yourself? Add a link in the comments section to keep the list growing!

Orange Twin Records currently hosts 35 different albums from the likes of Elf Power, Major Organ and the Adding Machine, Madeline, Faster Circuits, The Instruments and Great Lakes. The label will donate its share of all sales to the George Floyd Memorial Fund.

Lo Talker, a new band started by Andrew and Zach Shepard of Roadkill Ghost Choir, would’ve debuted at a benefit for Love.Craft back in April, had it not been for the pandemic. It’ll be awhile longer before we get to see them in action, but check out their B-side “Turnin’ a Blind Eye,” which will benefit the Black Visions Collective. Y’all, it is so good.

Earlier this spring, Tears for the Dying released its incredible new album, Memories, an icy, shadowy work that could have possibly time traveled right out of the west coast’s first-wave goth and deathrock scene. The post-punk trio has pledged to donate all sales to Black Lives Matter. 

Grand Vapids will donate 100% of digital and physical sales to Athens Mutual Aid and the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement

Suitcase of Life, Georgia Dish Boys’ upcoming album, may not be available until June 26, but at least we can be held over for now by its second single, “Open The Windows & Unlock The Doors.” The band will donate to Athens Mutual Aid.

Local powerhouse Alyssa DeHayes‘ label, Arrowhawk Records, is host to a handful of great acts like Shepherds, Nana Grizol, Shana Falana, Bambara and Cinemechanica. The label will also send its cut of digital sales to the AADM and Athens Mutual Aid. Additionally, Jeffrey Silverstein will donate digital sales of You Become The Mountain to the Portland Freedom Fund and National Bail Out, Blush will donate to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Arbor Labor Union’s digital sales will be donated to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund.

Pylon Reenactment Society will forward Bandcamp’s 10% cut over to the AADM’s Athens Freedom Fund

If there’s any sort of silver lining within the music industry right now, it might be the flurry of new releases cranked out while sheltering in place. Dream Tent, the shoegaze group led by Gene Woolfolk (Vincas) and Erica Strout (Motherfucker), has already created two volumes of Songs From the Quarantine Tent, and is releasing more new material today. Proceeds between now and Sunday will go to the AADM and Campaign Zero.

Another project to rise up out of this national disaster, hardcore-metal duo Wizardspoon likely offers your best soundtrack here for rioting. Reeth Dasgupta (Apparition) and Cook (FartJar) manage to cram a dozen thrashy tracks into only as many minutes between Cuarantena Vol. I and II. Both albums are available on a name-your-price basis, and the band will either donate to AADM on your behalf, or trust that you’ll just make a direct donation yourself. 

Little Gold released “Rear House” today—its first new song in five years! Proceeds will go to bail funds for protestors in both Athens and Atlanta.

Vincas, who just released Phantasma, and Maserati, who just released Enter the Mirror, will donate to AADM and Atlanta Solitary Fund.

Choosing to skip a formal release, instrumental electronic act Ixian’s new album The Reasonablist was dropped earlier this week as a way to raise funds. Available on a pay-what-you-will basis, all proceeds will benefit the Athens Freedom Fund today and indefinitely. 

Taking a different approach, Gypsy Farm Records is donating a whole week’s of proceeds to the regional food bank through Feeding America, recognizing that “no one can fight injustice on an empty stomach.” Home to recording engineer Zeke Sayer’s projects from over the years like The Humms, The Ice Creams, Bat & The Bears and Shoal Creek Stranglers, GFR also has releases by Old Smokey, Marble Soup and Uncle Goo. 

Bandcamp is also planning to host an additional day of fundraising on Juneteenth (June 19), when 100% of the website’s share of sales will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, a national organization dedicated to enacting racial justice through litigation, advocacy and public education. If you are planning a special release or incentive on this day, let us know by emailing