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The Rodney Kings’ Special Green Bean Casserole

We are thankful for food, and what it means for you and me. I know that the three of us are thankful for each other and our fans, and I can’t think of a better way to show this than our easy Thanksgiving casserole. It’s your basic green bean casserole (which everyone eats first at potlucks, right?), plus some miso paste,which adds a kick, so to speak. I know not everyone knows what miso tastes like (you’ve probably had miso soup in Japanese restaurants before), but it tastes good with just about anything. So why not add it to a casserole? Mix it up! The Happy Dasgupta is added in to provide a blast of flavor in your mouth if the miso doesn’t do it for you. 

Thank God for casseroles! Happy Thanksgiving from Max, Cameron and Reeth. 


2 cans mushroom soup

4–5 cans green beans (substitute real green beans or whatever)

2 big ol’ scoops miso paste

1 can French onion cracklins

1 can PBR (a tallboy will do; optional)

1 leftover Captain D’s box set, including 1 hush puppy and 1 wrinkled bag shrimp (optional)

1 “Happy Dasgupta” (roughly 1 c. mayo, 1 c. Siracha, 1 c. curry, wrapped in shrimp

1 golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

1 love

1-size-fits-all jumper

1 track from Lionel Richie (“Dancing on the Ceiling” will do)

1 copy (blended) of the Rodney Kings’ seminal 7-inch “Irene” 

1 portrait (framed) of Max Wang’s extended Taiwanese family

1 of Cameron’s used golfballs (Titleist only)


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Open the cans of green beans with nothing but a knife (’cause who’s got can openers these days?) and lay them in a casserole dish.

2. Do the same for the cans of mushroom soup and mix with green beans accordingly.

3. Scoop two healthy spoonfuls of miso paste and add to green beans/soup, mix well.

4. Add cheese and mix.

5. Drink the PBR, eat the Captain D’s and the golden ticket.

6. Add 1 love.

7. Put on the Lionel Richie song.

8. Hang the Wang portrait on the oven while putting on the jumpsuit.

9. Golf balls.

6. Top off casserole dish with entire can of French onion crisps.

7. Place into oven on the middle rack for 45–50 minutes.

8. Take out casserole, let cool 15 minutes. 

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