Flagpole Premieres: Torchiana, ‘Tilt’




Matthew Torchiana Hoban

Originally from outside Philadelphia, where he went to school for music engineering and later fine arts, Matthew Hoban relocated to Athens this past August to pursue a MFA at UGA’s Lamar Dodd School of Art. Inspired by the lineage of lo-fi rock, including Elephant 6 bands, he’s been songwriting for over a decade and home recording for nearly as long. His project Torchiana—which borrows his mother’s maiden name and his own middle name—takes a hallucinatory psych folk singer-songwriter approach.

Below, check out a new video for “Tilt,†a single off of his upcoming album. 

“This record will actually be the seventh I’ve released under this name, but it’s definitely taking a unique shape so far. It’s the first record I’ve recorded with a Tascam 4-track, which has lent its own set of possibilities and restrictions to explore,†says Hoban. “My goal is for each song to feel like a different space and to have its own unique layering of sonic textures, despite them all stemming originally from acoustic guitar and vocals. I’m excited about how it’s panning out so far, but the real challenge will be making the whole thing feel cohesive when it’s done.†

Hoban hopes to release the album this summer.