Flagpole Premieres: Georgia Dish Boys, ‘Meme’

Athens roots-rock band Georgia Dish Boys exude down-home charm, from their hand-stitched cover art to their unorthodox recording methods. Yet the group’s music also radiates with weird North Georgia grit, as heard on 2017’s cacophonous Get Gone.

An upcoming live album, Live in Classic Town, aims to showcase the Dish Boys’ multitudes. Featuring 10 songs recorded by Sloan Simpson at the Caledonia Lounge in December, the album draws heavily from last year’s folky Good Country Livin but also includes tunes from its riff-laden predecessor, Nine Song Movie.

Today, we’re pleased to premiere the official live version of one of those GCL tracks, the twangy, heartfelt “Meme.” Naw, not that meme—frontman Seth Martin explains that the song is a love letter to his ailing grandmother.

“She’s 88 years old and has Alzheimer’s, so every time she hears the song, she’s hearing it for the first time,” says Martin.

Check it out below:

Georgia Dish Boys play Little Kings Shuffle Club this Saturday, Jan. 18.