Flagpole Premieres: Annie Leeth, ‘Sherbet Sky’

With her canny pop-classical hybrid, violinist Annie Leeth has established herself as an Athens-music chameleon, able to slide seamlessly onto experimental and indie-pop bills alike. Since releasing her debut LP, Recurrence, last year, Leeth has continued to fine-tune her expressive, loop-based approach.

Leeth is set to follow up her debut with a new full-length in November, and today we’re pleased to share its first single, the floaty, melodic “Sherbet Sky,” which the songwriter debuted to a rapt Morton Theatre crowd at the Flagpole Athens Music Awards show in June.

Says Leeth:

This single summarizes the main focus of the album: the issue of ignorance versus letting the darker parts of the world consume oneself. This internal struggle is one that used to be, and still can be, a large philosophical struggle in my own mentality, and relates a lot to the state of the world today. The album is self-produced in its entirety, and will also include a piece featuring new music duo Safety Second (UGA alumni Nick Martinez and Alexis Letourneau).

Stream “Sherbet Sky” below:

Annie Leeth plays The Foundry tonight, Tuesday, Sept. 17.