Flagpole Premieres: The Glands, ‘Atmosphere’

As reported earlier this month, beloved Athens band The Glands are dropping their long-awaited third album, Double Coda, via New West Records Nov. 9. The record will be released as a standalone CD or double-LP and also as part of I Can See My House From Here, a box set that also includes remastered and expanded versions of the group’s first two albums, Double Thriller and The Glands.

Previously, New West shared two tracks from Double Coda, and now we’re thrilled to premiere a third single: “Atmosphere,” an ebullient, piano-centric tune that instantly calls to mind The Glands standout “Swim.”

The track, recorded by engineer Andy Baker back in 1999, was a staple of the band’s live shows during its brief reunion in 2014, and it’s a treat to finally hear it in recorded form, complete with a truly unexpected turntablist breakdown.

“[T]he record scratching on the song was going to be credited simply to ‘The Kid from Gyro Wrap,’ because after so long nobody could remember who did it,” says Glands member Joe Rowe. “And then, somehow, the song came up in conversation with someone from New West Records and our friend Jeramy, and Jeramy said something like, ‘I know that guy! He and I used to play music together.’ 

“At one time, it seemed like the record label wanted to edit out the scratching—[it’s] a little dated these days, and I agree that it is,” Rowe continues. “But I think that it turned out for the best that Ross didn’t leave us with a multitrack version of the song, and we were stuck with the record scratching on the finished track.”

The song is emblematic of late frontman Ross Shapiro’s piecemeal approach to recording, with various seemingly incongruous bits coming together to form an effortless, enchanting whole.

“[Y]ou can tell by the difference in the sound of the rooms that the outro was taken from some other recording and slapped onto the end of this track,” says Rowe. “Ross was always doing stuff like that.”

Check out “Atmosphere” below:

Pre-order New West’s upcoming Glands releases here. The label will also host a listening party for Double Coda at the Georgia Theatre on Friday, Nov. 9. RSVP at the GATH site.


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