New West to Reissue The Glands’ Catalog, Release New Album

In a move that can best be described as a labor of love, New West Records is planning a truly magnanimous tribute to Athens band The Glands, whose frontman, Ross Shapiro, died in 2016.

The group was long a favorite among discerning fans, even while its actual output and live schedule always left those fans wanting more. To the issue of recorded material, New West has got everyone covered.

First, the long-awaited and often-rumored third album by the group, Double Coda, will see release Friday, Nov. 9. (The label will host a listening party at the Georgia Theatre the same day.) The album runs a whopping 23 tracks, and its final production was overseen by drummer Joe Rowe, bassist Derek Almstead and engineer David Barbe.

Additionally, the label is re-releasing the band’s 1996 debut, Double Thriller, as well as its self-titled 2000 album. Each of these is to be available via digital outlets, as well as on vinyl and CD.

But the real treat here is the five-record box set I Can See My House From Here. It’ll feature all three albums—two of which are double LPs—as well as a 52-page book of essays, testimonials and photographs from an astounding cross-section of artists, musicians and friends.

Check out two new Double Coda tracks, “Electricity” and “So High,” below, courtesy of NPR:

Stay tuned to Flagpole for more on this reissue campaign.