Here’s What’s Up With E6 Supergroup Ear Ear, Playing Flicker Tonight

In our recent Calendar Pick for Maine musician Jeff Beam’s Flicker show—happening tonight, Monday, Apr. 2—we made mention of opening act Ear Ear, “a one-time ‘concept band’ that is shrouded in mystery but reportedly contains some of the [Elephant 6] collective’s heavy hitters.” 

Readers’ interest was instantly piqued. What, or who, was Ear Ear? Was it Jeff Mangum’s new slam-poetry project? Three hours of John Fernandes’ solo violin explorations? Julian Koster performing prop comedy with his singing saw?

Honestly, we were as clueless as everyone else. But late last night, under cover of darkness, French Exit’s AJ Griffin emailed the Flagpole music desk to pierce the veil of mystery:

Personnel: Will Hart, Jason NeSmith, Gene Woolfolk, Erica Strout, me and my friends Jeff and Kate, about whom y’all wrote in the magazine.

Concept: We have never played a single note together collectively; we have no prepared material. Many of these folks haven’t even met before.

So we’re gonna do it like a game show.

There’s a wheel to spin, cards to be drawn, and one giant novelty-sized die (named Gary) to be rolled.

These will be the mechanisms by which we are guides in our musical frolic.

Everyone will be switching instruments as mandated by The Wheel. Other hijinks will ensue.

It might be a sensational disaster!

If you think people would want to be aware of this, please tell the world our story somehow. Tell them the wheel is color-coded! We might wear bandanas!

So, there you have it. Sounds fun! Above, also courtesy of Griffin, is a crudely Photoshopped image featuring all of Ear Ear’s members melded together into one terrifying monster-person.