Flagpole Premieres: Seven Simons, ‘Rhyme of Fallen Leaves’

The Athens-music explosion during the 1980s birthed hundreds of local bands, many of which have been rendered obscure by time. Until now, pop quartet Seven Simons was one such group. The band released two albums during its initial run—1988’s Clockwork and 1991’s Four Twenty-Four—that were indebted both to R.E.M.’s jangle-rock sound and also the era’s moodier UK alt-rock scene.

Twenty-five years later, Seven Simons is back, in a sense. Inspired by a creative rekindling at vocalist Nathan Webb’s 2013 wedding, the band—whose members currently reside all over the globe, from L.A. to Budapest—will soon release Post, a collection of recently recorded songs split between brand-new material and “lost” tunes from the band’s earlier era.

Today, we’re pleased to premiere that record’s first single, the lush, lovely “Rhyme of Fallen Leaves.” Says guitarist Keith Joyner:

For years, we had been kicking around the idea of a posthumous record. Things felt unfinished in a way. And so the idea to ultimately do so has more to do with that notion than any attempt to reach a new audience. It was more like going back to college and finishing a degree. At the same time, it was just as important to create something new. I had written most of what would become “Rhyme of Fallen Leaves” some time ago, but could never pull the trigger and release it as my own for some reason. It wasn’t until we decided to release Post that it dawned on me that what this song needed was Nathan’s voice. It was the perfect Seven Simons song. So he completed the lyrics and made it so.

Stream the song below:

The self-released Post is out Nov. 11. You can preorder the album starting this Friday, Oct. 28 right here.