Flagpole Premieres: Meth Wax, ‘Goodbye’ Video

Athens pop-punk miscreants Meth Wax have just released their self-titled debut, a 12-track burner that you should really go check out, now.

Good. Now that you’re back, how about taking a look at the brand new video for “Goodbye,” the album’s excellent closing track?

In a statement that’s as uplifting as the song itself, frontman Daniel Tanghal tells Flagpole:

The song is about dealing with grief after losing someone you care about and having to live with the memories of that person constantly plaguing you in your everyday life. The video takes this idea even further by depicting the way that life and nature continue to move on regardless of whats happening in your life. You could have a really horrible day where your dog dies or you lose your job and nobody will care because they have their own lives to worry about. We are all just tiny little raindrops in an ocean of horrible people. Basically, nothing matters, and if you die tomorrow, the sun will still rise and the seasons will continue to change regardless.