Flagpole‘s Favorite Local Tape Releases of 2014

This week’s cover story, about the resurgence of cassettes on both a local-music level and beyond, got us thinking about our favorite Athens tape releases of 2014. Below, a few analog picks for your digital-listening pleasure:

Pinecones: Plays Cosmic Hits (buy)

Shade: Pipe Dream (buy)

Futo: Dog Dreams (buy)

Quiet Evenings: Other Windows (buy)

Circulatory System: Mosaics Within Mosaics (buy)

Future Ape Tapes: Pyramirrormid (buy)

Hot Fudge: #1 Tape (buy)

murk daddy flex: Genesis (buy)

Chartreuse: Gloriosa Venenum Serpentis (buy)

Katër Mass: Circles (buy)