Who’s Playing What at This Weekend’s Lou Reed Tribute Shows

Friday and Saturday evenings, the 40 Watt Club will host a tribute to recently departed songwriter and Velvet Underground founder Lou Reed featuring 18 local bands, each of whom will play two or three Reed-penned tunes of their choosing. Proceeds from the event will benefit AIDS Athens and the MAC AIDS Fund. Read our calendar pick here.

Reed tribute concerts have been happening all over the country of late, but the Athens event has a pretty neat-o distinction, in that two of the offspring of Velvet Underground drummer Moe Tucker—Richard and Kate Mikulka—will perform. (The former is a member of local rock outfit Pilgrim, and the latter blows the baritone sax in indie-soul group The HEAP.)

Below is the full list of who’s playing what.

Friday, Dec. 20 (band order TBD)

Monsoon: “Sweet Jane,” “I’m Waiting for the Man,”
T. Hardy Morris: “White Light/White Heat,” “Pale Blue Eyes,” “Here She Comes Now”
Still, Small Voice and the Joyful Noise: “Romeo Had Juliette,” “Dirty Blvd.,” “There Is No Time”
Supercluster: “Heroin,” “Sunday Morning,” “I’ll Be Your Mirror”
Blue Blood: “New Age,” “Run Run Run”
Pilgrim: “Sister Ray,” “Last Great American Whale,” “Leave Me Alone”
Tunabunny: “Metal Machine Music (one side) [Editor’s Note: YES],” “I Heard Her Call My Name”
Glasscrafts: “Jesus,” “Satellite of Love,” “The Ostrich”
Elf Power: “What Goes On,” “I’m Sticking with You,” “She’s My Best Friend”

Saturday, Dec. 21 (band order TBD)

Moths: “Who Loves the Sun,” “Crazy Feeling,” “Little Sister”
Hope for Agoldensummer: “Some Kinda Love,” “Legendary Hearts,” “Voices of Freedom”
Don Chambers w/ Sanni Baumgartner: “Perfect Day,” “Femme Fatale,” “All Tomorrow’s Parties”
The HEAP: “Walk on the Wild Side,” “Oh! Sweet Nuthin’,” “I Can’t Stand It”
Four Eyes: “Goodnight Ladies,” “Venus in Furs,” “Stephanie Says”
Timi Conley/Sam Fogarino/Kai Riedl: “Rock & Roll,” “Head Held High,” “Vicious”
Todd McBride: “Street Hassle” + 1 or 2 more
Grape Soda: “I’m Set Free,” “Ocean,” “I Found a Reason”
Sea of Dogs: “Nobody But You,” “Chelsea Girls,” “After Hours”


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