Tonight in Athens: Jason Isbell, Calvin Love, Fuzz

There are a whole lot of jams being kicked out tonight, starting over at the Georgia Theatre, where Jason Isbell will return to town and play a set of songs heavy on material from his latest album, Southeastern. Read our feature story on Isbell.

At Go Bar, Canadian popster Calvin Love will perform (note: this show has been moved from Echo). Love’s hyper, swirling music calls to mind fellow eccentrics like Ariel Pink but exists in a post-punkier universe. Brand new tune below:

Finally, there’s a super-secret-special house show happening SOMEWHERE in Athens tonight (ask around!) featuring two San Francisco heavyweights. Fuzz, the new project from guitar-rock wunderkind Ty Segall, will perform, as will CCR Headcleaner, a sludgy garage band that features two former members of the Athens-based Long Legged Woman (which was a band that I was in, so, y’know, disclosure, etc.). Obvious bias aside, these guys are fucking good.