Today’s Office Jam! Mumford and Sons: “I Will Wait”

Welcome to Today’s Office Jam!, a feature where we share a tune the Flagpole office is currently diggin’ on. Today’s jam comes via ad rep Anita Aubrey.

Office Jam: My husband and I had the opportunity to see these guys play live at the Buckhead Theatre, from the front row balcony—we witnessed the best live band ever! I listen to their first CD all of the time but they have a new one coming out next Tuesday, Babel, and this is the single. It makes me happy and I would belt out the words from my desk if I didn’t have an open-air office with two other co-workers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Office Objections: Music Editor Gabe Vodicka thinks that, objectively, this is an OK jam, but wonders why every song these guys puts out sounds EXACTLY THE SAME. City Editor Blake Aued asks: “Is this a Christian Rock band?”