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Flagpole Premieres: McQQEEN, “Leeches” Video

Today, McQQEEN releases a dark and disorienting psychedelic trip of a video for “Leeches.” The track appears on the band’s sophomore album, II, which was recently released this past summer on cassette via Virginia-based independent label Big Neck Records.

Directed by Vann Johnson, the video was shot using very minimal lighting with the majority of visual effects created in post-production. Singer-guitarist Al O Vera, bassist Lucca Cassandra Carver and guitarist Thomas Kim come in and out of view alongside Lauren Brennenman during a kaleidoscopic sequence that could fool you for outtakes of Daria Argento’s Suspiria on VHS.

“Using basic concepts of duality of the mind, and people’s motives behind relationships of the heart and transactions of the flesh, Vann and I collaborated with the imagery, using a blend of stock footage and a lot of videos I captured from different art spaces during my travels through Mexico this summer,” says O Vera. 

“After experimenting with programmed drums for a few shows, we finally had a Eureka moment last weekend with the right gear to pull it off proper to where it feels right and we’re really excited about it,” says O Vera. 

Catch McQQEEN live with Thousandaire (Atlanta) and Rid of Me (Philadelphia) at Flicker Theatre & Bar on Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 8 p.m.