Donate to Nuci’s Space, Vote for Flagpole‘s ABR Band

This week will mark the debut of Flagpole‘s 2013 Athens Business Rocks band, ’87 Is a Place on Earth. (We play at the 40 Watt this Thursday, Jan. 31 at 11:30 p.m.) We have practiced three times and are now awesome. So, too, is Nuci’s Space. You can help us all out by heading over to the ABR website and donating to the Space on behalf of our awesome band.

Each dollar donated adds one point to the band’s overall score, which means it’s totally legal to buy a win in this “battle of the bands.” Not that we need to do that—but we totally could if we wanted to. So. Help us buy a win! The top three fundraising bands will compete during a final round of performances on Saturday, Feb. 23.

Bonus: Nuci’s Space executive director Bob Sleppy has offered to personally match the first $50 contribution that comes in on behalf of each band. That’s pretty cool. Also, the top three donors for each band get an award. An award, I say! Do it! Reach into those Daddy Warbucks pockets and donate!