Tonight: Love-Up Time at Hendershot’s

Fans of fuzz-drunk punk rock take note: newish Boston garage-punk duo Love-Up Time (link NSFW—album art’s got titties on it) plays Hendershot’s tonight, and you should probably go check ’em out.

For the uninitiated, which is likely most of you—and which was me until a couple days ago—Love-Up Time features Hayley Thompson-King on guitar and vocals and Simon Simard on drums. Thompson-King is best known for her vocal work with under-the-radar (but cult-revered) psych blasters Major Stars, but Love-Up Time’s ‘tude is less classic rock bluster than cheeky, blown-out impudence. (The band’s demo features, among other things, a snotty, dirge-y version of religious standard “They’ll Know We Are Christians.”)

Out and about tonight? Give ’em a shot.