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Grub Notes

Looking for something to do this St. Patrick’s Day other than consuming shots until you end up vomiting green on the streets of Athens? How about a different kind of green, i.e., preservative-free, minimally processed, all-natural-ingredient salad dressings made by a Cedar Shoals grad? Jenny Howell Cawthon, president of Jenny’s Gourmet Foods, has come up with three dressings based on the ones her mother (Aunt Dottie to others) used to make. Creamy Caesar, blackberry vinaigrette and blue cheese vinaigrette will be available for sampling at Shiraz Fine Wine & Gourmet this Saturday, Mar. 17, from 1 to 5 p.m. Post-release party, you can buy the dressings at Shiraz, Whole Foods in Atlanta or from the Jenny’s Gourmet Foods website, which also includes recipes incorporating them. Candies are Cawthon’s next step, dropping this fall.