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home.made Is Discontinuing Dinner but Not Closing

A lot of what you need to know is in the headline. Mimi Maumus’ Baxter Street business has gone through a lot of formats over the years, starting off as a catering company before adding lunch and dinner, adding on Sidecar, closing Sidecar, and so on and so forth. Dinner is about to be 86ed, with the last day of regular evening service set for June 3.

But that doesn’t mean home.made is closing. Maumus says she just can’t make the numbers work to continue dinner. The restaurant business is, after all, a business, and without enough customers it doesn’t work. Most eateries still haven’t completely recovered from the pandemic, which broke a lot of things. Many people still prefer to eat at home, whether out of continued caution, belt-tightening as inflation pushed food prices higher or just because they got used to it. And that’s understandable, but it’s not good for restaurants, especially higher-end ones that spend a lot on staff and nice produce that goes bad without the people showing up to eat it.

How can you continue to get home.made’s food? Maumus says she’s going back to the roots of her business, expanding to-go lunch offerings (including to offices and on food delivery platforms), continuing catering and packaged foods and will do private events in the Baxter Street space.