Favorite Services 2016


Winner: Hotel Indigo

500 College Ave. · 706-546-0430

Even superheroes need to sleep sometime. Why not hide out at the six-time winner for Athens’ Favorite Hotel?

Runner Up: Graduate Athens

295 E. Dougherty St. · 706-623-0296

Photography Studio

Winner: Thrasher Photo and Design · 706-380-7778

Click! Flash! The only mortal able to capture all of Athens’ superheroes and villains. First time win for Thrasher Photo and Design.

Runner Up: Zoomworks

585 White Circle · 706-227-3777


Winner: Always Always Flowers

1091 Baxter St. · 706-227-0805

Always Always has the superpower to deliver smiles, making them a Favorite for a fourth year.

Runner Up: Flowerland

823 Prince Ave. · 706-549-1884

Hair Salon

Winner: Republic Salon

312 E. Broad St. · 706-208-5222

Holy bangs and blow-outs! Republic snips the competition for a sixth year.

Runner Up: Model Citizen

497 Prince Ave. · 706-543-3656


Winner: Matt Wheeler at Emporium Hair & Color Salon

187 Lumpkin St. · 706-546-7598

Champion of split ends and mullets, Matt Wheeler is Athens’ Favorite Stylist for a third year!

Runner Up: Lyric Bellotte at Republic Salon

312 E. Broad St. · 706-208-5222


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Matt Wheeler at Emporium Hair & Color Salon – Voted Favorite Sylist

Alternative Health Treatment

Winner: Thrive Integrative Medicine

2080 Prince Ave. · 706-850-2000

Thrive can unleash your inner super strengths through healing your body, mind and spirit. They are the first winner in this new category.

Runner Up: Dr. Martha Allen, Athens Natural Medicine

675 Pulaski St. Suite 1300 · 706-850-2512


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Thrive Integrative Medicine – Voted Favorite Alternative Health Treatment

Massage Therapist

Winner: Laura Glenn, Somaspace

675 Pulaski St. Suite 2500 · 706-540-1039

Hulk smash! Hulk hurt! Laura Glenn can massage away even Hulk-sized muscle pain. This is her first Favorite award.

Runner Up: Kimberly Anderson

270 Hawthorne Ave. Suite C · 706-612-4121

Tattoo Studio

Winner: Pain and Wonder Tattoo Studio

285 W. Washington St. · 706-208-9588

Pain and Wonder moves superheroes from comic books to your skin. They are Athens’ Favorite Tattoo Studio for a sixth year.

Runner Up: Midnight Iguana Tattoo and Body-Piercing

800 Oglethorpe Ave. · 706-549-0190


Winner: Urban Sanctuary Spa

810 N. Chase St. · 706-613-3947

Rough night chasing villains? Recharge your super strength at Urban Sanctuary, a six-time winner of Athens’ Favorite Spa.

Runner Up: The Spa at Graduate Athens

295 E. Dougherty St. · 706-623-0296

Fitness Instructor

Winner: Connie Popwell at Pure Barre Athens

191 Alps Rd. · 706-850-4000

Weren’t born with superhuman strength? Connie can help. She was voted Athens’ Favorite Fitness Instructor for a second time.

Runner Up: Tania Yelton  at Orangetheory Fitness

196 Alps Rd. · 706-521-0595

Place to Get Fit

Winner: Pure Barre Athens

191 Alps Rd. · 706-850-4000

Need to Hulk up? Take a class at this three-time winner.

Runner Up: YMCA Athens

915 Hawthorne Ave. · 706-543-6596

Adult Classes: Movement

Winner: Canopy Studio

160 Tracy St. · 706-549-8501

Superhero classes taught here: Learn to fly, climb ropes and conquer fears all while wearing tights. This is Canopy’s fourth win.

Runner Up: Pure Barre Athens

191 Alps Rd. · 706-850-4000

Adult Classes: Creative

Winner: Good Dirt

485 Macon Hwy. · 706-355-3161

What did Superman make at Good Dirt? A Superbowl! Take a class from Good Dirt, the second-year winner of Athens’ Favorite Adult Classes: Creative.

Runner Up (tie): Double Dutch Press

1377 Prince Ave. · 706-546-0994

Runner Up (tie): K A Artist Shop

127 N. Jackson St. · 706-850-1224

Car Repair Shop

Winner: Auto Tech of Athens

170 Coile Dr. · 706-549-3316

Auto Tech of Athens keeps your Batmobile ready for action! This is their second award for Athens’ Favorite Car Repair Shop.

Runner Up: Five Star Automotive

605 Macon Hwy. · 706-549-1315

Car Dealership

Winner: Phil Hughes Honda

3200 Atlanta Hwy. · 706-549-3530

Because most of us can’t fly, Phil Hughes Honda has cars for the mortals of Athens. They are a four-time winner.

Runner Up: Heyward Allen Toyota

2910 Atlanta Hwy. · 706-549-7002


Winner: Carson Plumbing

259 Wynburn Ave. · 706-548-3397

Holy clogged toilets! This three-time winner keeps things flowing in Athens.

Runner Up: Big Brown Plumbing · 706-714-2381


Winner: Blue Moon Electric · 678-907-5945

Zap! Blue Moon Electric wins a second time for Favorite Electrician.

Runner Up: Atomic Electric · 706-202-2296


Winner: Stanfield Air Systems

1130 Mitchell Bridge Rd. · 706-549-4767

Faster than a wood-burning stove. More powerful than a ceiling fan. Able to leap multiple space heaters in a single bound. This is a first win for Stanfield Air Systems!

Runner Up: Superior Air Management

230 Floyd Dr. · 706-543-2141

Lawyer to Get You Out of a Jam

Winner: Colin Moriarty

525 South Milledge Ave, Suite C · 706-850-4550

Lex Luthor has first-time Favorites winner Colin Moriarty on retainer!

Runner Up: Jeff Rothman

150 E. Washington St. Suite B · 706- 621-5166

Lawyer to Sort Out Your Affairs

Winner: Eric Krasle

425 N. Lumpkin St. #210 · 706-353-0032

Superheroes’ legal kryptonite: liability clauses, endorsement contracts and identity confidentiality agreements. Second-time winner Eric Krasle saves the day!

Runner Up: Adam Hebbard

320 E. Clayton St. Suite 407 · 706-549-9010


Winner: Athens First Bank and Trust

150 W. Hancock Ave. · 706-357-7000

Athens First keeps your money safe from all the Jokers of the world. This is their third win!

Runner Up: First American

300 College Ave. · 706-354-5000


Winner: Cord Sibilsky

2405 W. Broad St. · 706-543-4000

Need a new secret lair? Cord won’t stop looking until he finds your perfect hideout. Flagpole readers voted him a winner for a second year.

Runner Up: Daniel Peiken · 706-433-2116

Local Business

Winner: Avid Bookshop

493 Prince Ave. · 706-352-2060

Avid Bookshop is a superhero of Athens. Congratulations on being voted Favorite Local Business for a fourth year! I heart ATH!

Runner Up: Daily Groceries Co-op

523 Prince Ave. · 706-548-1732