Favorite Bars 2015


Winner: Bain Mattox at Normal Bar

1365 Prince Ave. · 706-548-6186

He’s got his finger on the pulse of the Normaltown scene, and he knows exactly what you want to drink. Craft cocktails and cold drafts, served with a smile.

Runner Up: Daniel Ray at The Old Pal

1320 Prince Ave. · 706-850-4340

Specialty Drinks

Winner: Highwire Lounge

269 N. Hull St. · 706-543-8997

Trappeze’s homey sister establishment focuses on the hard stuff done right: Terrific designer cocktails and an extensive whiskey list will keep you and your friends coming back.

Runner Up: The Old Pal

1320 Prince Ave. · 706-850-4340


Winner: Agua Linda Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

1376 Prince Ave. · 706-543-1500
2080 Timothy Rd. · 706-543-0154

Sometimes you just need a big, frosty ‘rita to go with that queso, and by “sometimes,” we mean “every time.” Agua Linda serves ‘em up right, frozen or rocks.

Runner Up: Taqueria Del Sol

334 Prince Ave. · 706-353-3890

Bloody Mary

Winner: Allgood Lounge

256 E. Clayton St. · 706-549-0166

Need a reviver after a night out? Pick up right where you left off with one from this Clayton Street watering hole’s build your own Bloody Mary bar.

Runner Up: Five Bar

269 N. Hull St. · 706-543-5515

Beer Selection

Winner: Trappeze Pub

269 W. Washington St. · 706-543-8997

The Trappeze beer book is an encyclopedia of tastes and styles, and the staff will knowledgeably guide you through your selection and let you taste your way to the perfectly crafted brew for you.

Runner Up: Blue Sky

128 College Ave. · 706-850-3153

Wine Selection

Winner: The National

232 W. Hancock  Ave. · 706-549-3450

You can hardly go wrong, because all your choices have been pre-selected for your enjoyment and paired with the menu and your pocketbook.

Runner Up: Five & Ten

1073 S. Milledge Ave. · 706-546-7300

Place to Dance

Winner: Little Kings Shuffle Club

223 W. Hancock Ave. · 706-369-3144

When the DJ starts up in the corner and the music mixes with the tasty drinks and your friends push closer, only the Tin Man wouldn’t feel the urge to shuffle.

Runner Up: 9d’s

400 Clayton St. · 706-254-3998

Place to Play Games

Winner: Wonder Bar

240 E. Washington St.

Play old-school arcade games and newer fare alike—while you imbibe!—at this cozy, creative hideaway.

Runner Up: Hi-Lo Lounge

1354 Prince Ave. ·


Photo Credit: CD Skehan

Favorite Trivia, Favorite Karaoke and Runner Up Favorite Place to Play Games – Hi-Lo Lounge.

Happy Hour

Winner: Normal Bar

1365 Prince Ave. · 706-548-6186

The young professionals gather on Prince Avenue after work every day of the week to unwind with some darts and a glass of something or another. Join ‘em, won’t you?

Runner Up: Seabear Oyster Bar

297 Prince Ave., Ste. 10. · 706-850-4367


Winner: Hi-Lo Lounge

1354 Prince Ave. ·

Test your skills every Tuesday. Play for bragging rights, or make it interesting. Plus, a rare chance to go to the bar and walk away smarter than before!

Runner Up: Blind Pig Tavern

485 Baldwin St. · 706-548-3442
2440 W. Broad St. · 706-208-7979


Winner: Hi-Lo Lounge

1354 Prince Ave. ·

“The King” does his thing most Wednesdays at the Normaltown hotspot. Grab some pals and sing along.

Runner Up: Shokitini

251 W. Clayton St. · 706-353-7933

College Bar

Winner: Allgood Lounge

256 E. Clayton St. · 706-549-0166

It’s not just for college kids, but youngsters make up the majority of the crowd at this downtown spot. The cavernous interior and rooftop patio are a perfect fit for dancin’ and drinkin’ the night away.

Runner Up: Boar’s Head Lounge

260 E. Washington St. · 706-369-3040

Place to Meet Someone You Would Not Bring Home to Mom

Winner: Max

243 W. Washington St. · 706-254-3392

Mom might not like somebody you meet here, but, given the chance, she’d probably like Max.

Runner Up: Sister Louisa’s Church

254 W. Clayton St. · 706-850-3668

Place to Meet Your Future Spouse

Winner: Normal Bar

1365 Prince Ave. · 706-548-6186

It’s not a meat market. The music isn’t too blaring. It’s just a great place in Normaltown to grab a drink and strike up a conversation with the guy or gal sitting next to you and start planning your proposal.

Runner Up (Tie):

The Globe

199 N. Lumpkin St. · 706-353-4721

Allgood Lounge

256 E. Clayton St. · 706-549-0166

Place to Watch the Dawgs Play

Winner: Georgia Theatre

215 N. Lumpkin St. · 706-850-7670

Once you’ve seen the Dawgs on the big screen with your favorite libation in hand and surrounded by friends and fellow fans with the temperature just right, you’ll never go back to the stadium.

Runner Up: Locos Grill and Pub

1985 Barnett Shoals Rd. · 706-208-0911
2020 Timothy Rd. · 706-549-7700

Uniquely Athens Bar

Winner: The Manhattan Café

337 N. Hull St. · 706-369-9767

Indoors and out, you want to head for the Manhattan any time you need reinforcement for your conviction that this is the best town in the world, and this is where you should be.

Runner Up: The World Famous

351 N. Hull St. · 706-543-4002