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Calendar Pick: Susto


Susto is primarily the songwriting vehicle of singer-songwriter Justin Osborne, a rambling musician with roots in Charleston, SC. Movement, change and youth are prominent lyrical themes in Susto’s songs, themes that reflect themselves in the band’s name. Susto, as the term is understood in Latin American cultures, is a folk illness that results from a traumatic or dramatic period of change, causing the soul to leave the body. The music of Susto, likewise, is a response to that change—those periods of transience, pleasant or unpleasant, of such magnitude as to be underwhelming. If you’ll allow a young writer to reminisce for a moment, the music of Susto was all I had downloaded to my phone when my uncles and I circumnavigated Iceland by car camper in 2018. There’s a sense of comfort in the music of Susto that has never since waned. It’s a sense that is corroborated by many who have had exposure to their music. This show comes highly recommended.

WHO: Susto, Howdy
WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 2, 8 p.m.
WHERE: Georgia Theatre