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Calendar Pick: Kinchafoonee Cowboys

Kinchafoonee Cowboys

Sticking to a single career, any career, for 30 years is a feat. In the music business, though, it’s almost unheard of. Very few artists are able to maintain the exhausting touring lifestyle, and many burn out or switch careers. No one told the Kinchafoonee Cowboys that, clearly, as it’s now in its 31st year as a group. They’ve undergone some lineup changes, but that’s only natural for a group with the lifespan of the Kinchafoonee Cowboys. They haven’t been dragging their feet, either. The Kinchafoonee Cowboys hold the record at the Georgia Theatre for most shows played, most sold out shows and highest bar sales. I’m sure you can deduce from these accolades that the Kinchafoonee Cowboys play some pretty rowdy honky-tonk, and if you’d like to hear it live, come on out to Southern Brewing Co.

WHO: Kinchafoonee Cowboys
WHEN: Friday, Oct. 14, 8 p.m.
WHERE: Southern Brewing Co.