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Calendar Pick: Jon Langston

Jon Langston

Full disclosure, this isn’t necessarily my kind of music. I know the fusion of country and pop has been a point of contention on par with pineapple on pizza for a while now, and I’m not saying I’m here to lay it to rest, but I will say that Jon Langston is playing the Georgia Theatre on Aug. 27. A former Division 1 football player, Langston wisely bowed out of his athletic aspirations after his sixth concussion left him blind for 15 minutes. So, in a trick play no one expected, he picked up the guitar and started making music. The first song he ever wrote turned out to be a hit, and as of this writing stands at 46 million streams on Spotify. Not too shabby. If you know the guy, you know the music. I won’t harp on his accolades. The point is, he’s playing in town, and I’m sure it’ll be packed. So, get your… boots on, I guess. Dancing shoes? Can those be boots? Either way, don’t go barefoot.

WHO: Jon Langston
WHEN: Saturday, Aug. 27, 7 p.m. (doors), 8 p.m. (show)
WHERE: Georgia Theatre