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Calendar Pick: Mimi Lauter Closing Reception

Mimi Lauter

June 18 is the last day to catch Los Angeles-based artist Mimi Lauter’s enthralling works in person. Since mid-May, visitors to the newly relocated Tif Sigfrids gallery on Finley Street have been able to view seven recently created paintings. A running theme in Lauter’s work is the mysticism of the natural world, which she explores through combining abstract natural forms and color palettes with hints of imagery that buries itself deep in the subconscious. Lauter’s work is informed by the post-impressionist movement, which sought to continue the aspects of impressionism that made the style so appealing (vivid color, painting from life), while simultaneously rejecting the aspects that artists found limiting. Many post-impressionist works are significantly more abstract and geometric than their traditional counterparts, and Lauter’s work is no exception. Her work challenges ideas of form while still remaining remarkably organic. Visit Tif Sigfrids to see it for yourself.

WHO: Mimi Lauter Closing Reception
WHEN: Saturday, June 18, 4–6 p.m.
WHERE: Tif Sigfrids