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Calendar Pick: Torrance Festival of Ideas

This free annual event is a virtual cultural crossroads where a panel of experts from around the world share their innovative ideas with the public. Unique perspectives are presented that relate to a wide array of industries as well as personal and social themes, so there is a session for everyone’s interests. While there are speakers from all over the United States and overseas, there are also local Athenian presenters like Life LaRoche of Chess and Community. LaRoche will be speaking on the role of technology during his “Youth Development in Mixed Reality: Adapting to a Changing World” discussion. During the festival, submitted creative works on the topic “Reflection on 2021” will be broadcast as another platform for sharing and a lens into the local and global community.

WHO: Torrance Festival of Ideas
WHERE: Online
WHEN: Tues, Apr. 19–Thurs, Apr. 21, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.