March 15, 2017

John & Kiran Fernandes, Claire Cronin, Andy Gonzales, Ben Ricketts

Friday, Mar. 17 @ Flicker Theatre & Bar

Photo Credit: Michael Potter

John and Kiran Fernandes

No one is more thoroughly immersed in Athens music than John Fernandes, the longtime Wuxtry Records employee and Olivia Tremor Control/Circulatory System multi-instrumentalist who has lent his considerable talents to dozens of other local groups over the years. These days, Fernandes can often be found performing solo or in tandem with his son, Kiran, who has developed into a local-music notable in his own right. The two will join for a set on St. Patty’s Day featuring experimental duets for Korg and clarinet. Friday’s bill also features Athens singer-songwriters Andy Gonzales (of Marshmallow Coast) and Claire Cronin, as well as Mississippi psych-pop musician Ben Ricketts.


  • Friday, March 17

    Flicker Theatre & Bar

    9 p.m.

    Andy Gonzales, Claire Cronin, John Fernandes, Ben Ricketts

    ANDY GONZALES Marshmallow Coast frontman plays a solo folk-pop set.

    CLAIRE CRONIN Singer and poet Cronin plays folk music that's both delicate and intense.

    JOHN & KIRAN FERNANDES Father and son team up for an experimental instrumental set. See Calendar Pick on p. 24.

    BEN RICKETTS Psychedelic pop singer-songwriter and visual artist from Oxford, MS.