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Dirty Athens Day Party

For those in the know, the highlight of AthFest Saturday the past several years has been the Dirty Athens Day Party, an all-day event that’s not even technically associated with AthFest. Sure, the outdoor stages are still the spot for family-friendly hang time, but if you’re craving something a bit louder and/or edgier, the Caledonia is the place to be. This year’s lineup features megacool locals Crunchy, Hot Fudge, Bathrooms, Grand Vapids, Double Ferrari and Velveteen Pink, along with newbies Purses, cheeky Grateful Dead cover act Bobby’s Shorts, Atlanta’s Tedo Stone and Illegal Drugs, Nashville’s Music Band and more. See the Calendar for set times.

2 p.m. FREE! (21+), $2 (18–20).