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10 Bands 10 Minutes: Sleater-Kinney Tribute

Beloved Pacific Northwest rock trio Sleater-Kinney isn’t hitting Athens on its much-ballyhooed reunion tour, but a bunch of local bands aim to give you the next best thing Saturday at Little Kings. The first installment of the 10 Bands 10 Minutes series features groups like Eureka California, Meth Wax, Juna, Tongues, Feather Trade, New Wives and more playing 10-minute sets of their favorite Sleater-Kinney tunes. Questions burn. Who will play “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone”? Will the brand-new No Cities to Love get any, um, love? And will there be high kicks involved? Get answers to all these and an earful of rock and roll fun.

8 p.m. $5.