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‘Renascence’ Opening Reception

Following a hiatus from exhibiting at every opportunity possible, Matt Blanks now sets aside one major solo show per year, held every August at Flicker. “Last year was my first show in years, and it felt a little rocky. It was called ‘Hibernation.’ I feel like it was me stretching my legs,” says Blanks. “This year I see a rebirth—a new body of work to usher in a future where my paintings can begin to breathe and change. It’s a revival. I’m calling it ‘Renascence.'” For this show, which includes both paintings and prints, Blanks experimented with various new techniques, pushing his artwork away from its signature hard, black lines and comic book aesthetic into something less rigid, more fluid. Blanks has also been busy booking art shows at The Grit since February, and live music from his coworkers’ bands Little Gold and Grape Soda will kick off at 10 p.m. 

8 p.m. FREE!