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Four Eyes, Sea of Dogs, Big Gray, Steven Trimmer

The first full-band Four Eyes gig in nearly half a year doubles as the release party for the project’s new full-band record, Our Insides, a gorgeous and memorable 13-track album that readily embraces the twee ‘tude that has characterized Four Eyes from its somewhat precious ukelele-and-voice beginnings but also represents a significant leap forward. Frontwoman (and onetime sole member) Erin Lovett has benefited greatly from her musical backers, who offer a confident and steady framework for Lovett’s increasingly wholehearted songwriting. As a bonus, at Friday’s show, Four Eyes drummer Lucas Jensen will revive his Big Gray project, which has lain dormant for several years. See Homedrone Wednesday for the exclusive premiere of the video for Our Insides‘ sing-along, single-worthy title track.