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‘Word of Mouth: A Community of Poets’ Photo Show


Over the past year, photographer David Noah has been capturing portraits of poets from Word of Mouth, a series of open readings held the first Wednesday of every month at The Globe. After a few preliminary runs of taking shots while the poets were onstage, Noah began doing extended portrait sessions at their homes, exploring the environments where they live and write. Each portrait in the exhibit intends to reveal something about the poets and is accompanied by one of their poems. “At some point I realized that WoM is a community as much as a venue, and documenting that community became interesting to me,” Noah says. “The founder and guiding spirit of WoM, Aralee Strange, passed away last spring. This was a deep loss for everyone involved, and I came to see my photo series as a portrait of a family in transition.” Sixteen local poets featured in the portrait series—including Bob Ambrose, Michelle Castleberry, Charley Seagraves, Lemuel LaRoche and Grady Thrasher—will share their poems throughout the opening reception. This free event is from 6:30–8:30 p.m.