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Four Seasons II: Autumnatic

Akeeme Martin, the force behind WUOG’s long-running “Halftime Hip Hop Show” and one of the most ardent supporters of local hip hop, presents the autumnal installment of his quarterly concert series on Thursday. This time, the action takes place at the erstwhile Max Canada (or Engine Room, depending who you ask) and boasts an impressive lineup of local and regional upstart talent. That lineup includes local MC L.G., Jefferson rapper Chrismis and local party-punk/hip hop band The Swank, as well as two don’t-miss Atlanta artists in Goldyard and Suni MF Solomon. The former is a decidedly warped electro-rap duo with an insane and energetic live show; the latter is a passionate performer in the Missy Elliot mold whose music is as tough and razor-sharp as it is wide-eyed and worldly.