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The Treehouse Market Is Open in the Falls of Oconee

Once you get over the name it shares with our local toys and crafts store (in a sort of Office Lounge/Office Bar & Grill situation), The Treehouse Market, in the Falls of Oconee shopping center on Macon Highway, is kind of neat. It’s a bit of a convenience store, with gum and magazines and beverages, but it also has fancy pickles (house-branded), sippy cups designed for wine, some kind of amazing milkshake/smoothie machine, nice beer and wine, good chocolate and more.

The “more” includes deli sandwiches made to order (e.g., Cajun Philly, with Cajun roast beef, provolone and oven-roasted bell peppers, a pressed ham and cheese, spicy turkey, Italian), soups, wings, empanadas and chicken tenders, Boar’s Head deli meats and cheeses available by the pound, lattes, chai, mochas and suchlike.

Chef Jarad Blanton is involved—behind the counter for now, but eventually with a restaurant overlooking said falls and to be called The Falls, for which he will be running the kitchen. That should open early next year.